Sunday, January 5, 2014

Philosophy Oxygen Peel

Philosophy Oxygen Peel Set, $56 at Nordstrom

So its Sunday and that means its my day to do something to my face. Once a week I like to pamper my skin to just feel refreshed and to help keep my boy-catcher (face) clear of spots and junk. For Christmas I used a gift card and bought myself Philosophy's Oxygen Peel set. I got it at Nordstrom and I believe it was $56 before tax but their website is selling it for $58 so I am not sure if the price was raised recently. Kind of expensive but I had the gift card so whatever.

 Oxygen Foam and Catalase Capsule

The set comes with these nifty catalase capsules that you break open and mix in warm water with the provided container, a pot of oxygen foam, and a plastic spatula. You shake the container up with the capsule powder and let it sit for 1 minute so that it creates this gel consistencey. You apply the gel all over your face and then top that with a generous smear of the oxygen foam. After a few seconds it all sort of bubbles up on your face like you put shaving cream all over yourself. Then you scrape it off in a shaving motion with the plastic spatula.

I have only used it once so far and I have to say that I really enjoy it. The gentle exfoliation from removing the product with the spatula really smoothes my skin and the products seem to brighten my complexion. The set comes with 10 applications so doing it once a week this will last me two and a half months which I think justifies the steep price, its about $5.60 a peel. I plan on repurchasing once I run out.

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